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.....  金環日食

..... 金環日食

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If you looked up into the sky last night, you may have witnessed an annular solar eclipse, when the moon does not completely block the sun, but leaves a fiery…

Newly discovered comet on its way toward a close encounter with our sun, may light up skies in November 2013

Newly Discovered Comet May Become Brilliant in Late 2013

A comet found by two Russian astronomers is destined to pass very near the Sun in late 2013 could become one of the most brilliant comets on record, or fall victim to hype.


Milky Way and faint aurora over Sørtinden in Tromvik, Norway. photo: John A Hemmingsen.

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SLOOH Space Camera - California Feed of the Annular Solar Eclipse 20 May 2012

May 20th, 2012 Solar Eclipse

Millions watch Pacific eclipse

An "annular eclipse" has been viewed across a swathe of the Earth stretching across the Pacific from Asia to the western US.BBC News - Millions witness Pacific 'ring of fire' eclipse- Wish I could of seen this in the UK!

Crows flank the eclipse in Ichiro Takabatake's photo.

solar eclipse 2012 japan absolutely fabulously dramatic photo capturing silhouetted birds shadowing eclipse surrounded by clouds of glowing mystery!

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Funny pictures about Nighttime Space Shuttle Launch. Oh, and cool pics about Nighttime Space Shuttle Launch. Also, Nighttime Space Shuttle Launch photos.