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Good-Bye Testicles children's story book by Anne Welsh Gay, Illustrated by Frank Vaughn, dog in hospital bed, nurse in white cap, children story book photo in background jack and jill with bucket pale going up hill ¿

18 Unintentionally Inappropriate Book Titles That Are Absolutely Hysterical

19 Unintentionally Inappropriate Children’s Book Titles That Are Pretty Hilarious

21 of the most horribly inappropriate children’s books. These will traumatize your kids!


In a series called bad little children books, author and illustrator, Bob Staake has altered vintage children's book covers and put his own twist on things. Could you imagine story time with titles like these?

Hahaha! If this were real, my mother would've purchased it for me.

The Berenstain Bears were my favorite above any other childhood story franchise. Funny thing is, I don't remember THIS particular title and it cracks me up cause that's what my mom would say to my sis Brandy and I when we were in trouble!

Cat Sweater - the it's just wrong picture.

The Daily Five: The Sweater Cat Edition (04-02-12)

Awkward family photo anyone? This is why I am NOT a cat person. cat people are creeepy.

Farm Animals Book.  I loved this book.

Bad Children's Books: 14 of the Worst