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Caminhar modifica seu cérebro quando você sofre de depressão

Caminhar modifica seu cérebro quando você sofre de depressão

Did You Know

Did you know chickens can kill each other? Make sure you are introducing new chickens safely by following these simple tips.

Introducing New Chickens Without Causing a Bloodbath

Wild Waves Free Tickets Giveaway : Two Winners of a 4 Pack Of Tickets(8 Tickets Given Away Total)!!!

BECU Wild Waves Coupons 2017 – Save $15 Off For BECU Members

The Most Popular Colors in Business and What They Say About a Brand [Infographic]

The Most Popular Colors in Business and What They Say About a Brand [Infographic]

Do you have a child or know someone with autism? Does that person eat high amounts of wheat, barley, oats or rye proteins? Did you know that these proteins linked also with casein (the protein found in milk products) can trigger behavioral issues? To someone with autism these proteins can act as an addictive drug. Wow, mind blowing right? Some experts have even referred to gluten as “poison” for someone who is autistic

Have you been diagnosed with a gluten allergy? How will your lifestyle change? Are you stuck always cooking for yourself? Will your food taste bland or will it still be tasty?

Women’s Mental Health - Did you know that 25% of all women take some kind of medication for a mental disorder? (Usually for depression or anxiety)

Women's Mental Health

In recognition of National Women's Health Week, Elements Behavioral Health (EBH) properties The Ranch and the Sexual Recovery Institute (SRI) have created an infographic about Women's Mental Health

A weighted blanket can provide a sense of calm for a wide range of individuals, including those with some of these disorders: Autism, ADHD, SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, and many other sleep disorders! It’s almost like a weighted blanket could solve the world’s problems, right?

Why You AND Your Child Need a Weighted Blanket

Weight blankets cause deep touch pressure which releases serotonin, which, therefore, helps with sleep.


Tail-Wagging Tips for Traveling with Pets from OnStar

OnStar has 10 tail-wagging road trip travel tips for pets!

Walking Barefoot Might Be An Essential Element of Good Health

This is incredibly eye opening and explains almost every health issue most Ameri…