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Omg I randomly saw this on fb! I haven't been on fb I clicked to check a message and I see this! You've got to be kidding me!

Every guy weakness

Mondo Mango :: The Gift Shop | Tapastic Comics - image 1

Mondo Mango :: The Gift Shop Tapastic Comics - image 1

Maybe this would help me someday.

*starts singing the hallelujah chorus* *starts coughing because altos shouldn't be forced to sing soprano*

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Lol if we ever fell asleep tho, i bet this would happen


Drake and Josh: The original you had one job.I remember this episode

And why does it look like he's being held against his will

When you’re listening to the the Top 40 station and all of a sudden realize you don’t know who the latest pop stars are:

Yea starting with "I want to have your children" probably isn't the best strategy...

"That's too risky, Cory. It'll probably come out, 'I wanna have you children.'" I think that's what would happen to me if Robert Downey Jr. said hello to me.

Classical Art Memes Latest (Part-5):

Classical Art Memes are some of the best memes

Shittt. The mailman was feeling it. Wait he died? Wow. Women deserve recognition for not dying.

The mailman was feeling it. Wait he died? Women deserve recognition for not dying.<<<I love it how the woman cheats on him with the mailman, and the automatic reaction was "dang. That's a lot of pain"

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I actually remember watching this episode! He pees on the tree and thats how he got pregnant..

On classic TV:

Non-Australians : Australians: oh yeah I remember that EP he burped up the baby after he peed of the tree.one of the most normal episodes on the show yet!

I'm just gonna start saving dream daddy to game grumps

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when no tienes a nadie q t ame q sad

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Lol, I'm gonna win you over with persistence and terribly unfunny jokes. (Don't forget the handsomeness ;-) and massages, lots of massages.