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Machine gun shoot at Kelly's gun range - YouTube

Big Sandy Machine Gun Shoot of March 2013 in AZ.Its like Knob Creek MG shoot, but the people are nicer and so is the range.you also get to shoot down m.

Movies have a tendency of exaggerating the way some things work, especially with silencers. Get the real facts from our Torrance shooting range to know the difference between fact and fiction.

Are Silencers As Good As Movies Make Them Out To Be?

5 Ridiculous Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)

▶ Connecticut Shooting: Sandy Hook Elementary Teacher Kaitlin Roig Protected Her Students - YouTube

True hero- true love-Connecticut Shooting: Sandy Hook Elementary Teacher Kaitlin Roig Protected Her Students

Talk about hypocrisy: Kim Kardashian sparks outrage by tweeting a picture of a diamond-encrusted gun just weeks after signing Sandy Hook pledge

Zebra Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum or varium) - Vulnerable  The zebra shark is a species of carpet shark and the sole member of the family Stegostomatidae. It occurs in the tropical Indo-Pacific sea, frequenting coral reefs and sandy flats. "The World Conservation Union has assessed this species as Vulnerable worldwide, as it is taken by commercial fisheries across most of its range (except off Australia) for meat, fins, and liver oil. There is evidence that its numbers are dwindling."

10 Amazing but Endangered Shark Species: How Many Do You Know?

Meet ‘Where Love Resides’ – the, whimsical and free-spirited bedlinen collection by Shannon Fricke. With the winter months drawing to a close, it’s time to think about light, bright and fresh quilt covers, pillowcases and cushions in soft cottons, linens and luxurious velvets for the spring and summer months ahead. The beach shoot below is dreamy!

Australian stylist and interiors author Shannon Fricke released a new collection of bed linens this past Spring called, “Where…