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Kim possible

Kim Possible - Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible, Shego, Dr Drakken - Popular Young Cartoon Characters Reimagined as Adults — GeekTyrant Literally my childhood reimagined. Love it

Kim Possible  I still remember this episode!!

Kim Possible I still remember this episode! I used to watch it all of the time. I don't really remember why it left tv, I bet it is still on somwhere.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable theory from tumblr <<< I wish I could read the words in the pictures.

K: What's the stitch? R: I was the kissee not the kisser. K: well it took you 12 stinkin years to kiss me

Disney knows what's up

Disney: understanding kids/teenagers for years just watched Kim possible earlier! Kim Possible fandom.

"THERE ARE NO MORE BENDY STRAWS!!!" I miss this show, and this was like my favorite episode. I love Ron.

Kim Possible You misunderstood, those straws aren't bendy, they're supposed to be bendy. Ron just wanted the old Bueno Nacho with the bendy straws, not this new and improved lies. This is the last straw.