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Baseball Pitches Defined Visually @ http://baseballcardstore.net #baseballbaseballbaseball

Baseball Pitches Defined Visually @ http://baseballcardstore.net #baseballbaseballbaseball

For a century of baseball, give or take, the conventional wisdom has been that knuckleballs are hard to hit because they flutter, wobble or zigzag on their way to the plate. But a new study indicates that knuckleballs stick to their trajectory nearly as closely as every other type of pitch. But several factors make the knuckleball unique — and uniquely difficult to hit.

The knuckleball is arguably one of the more deceptive pitches in the major leagues and this breaks it down from a fundamental standpoint.

Baseball's Subtle Signals

Stop Already With the F*cking "Infographics"

Find out all about the complex system of baseball signals and become an expert in interpreting them by studying this descriptive and fun infographic!

7 Absolutes of How to Hit a Baseball

While a baseball swing may differ in many ways from player to player, there are 7 absolutes that all good hitters do at the point of contact with the baseball


strike zone with each type of pitch.then details of how to throw it. it probably also takes some talent!