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I hate...

I hate that you chose alcohol over me. I hate that I just found out today your on meth now. I hate that your dying now and I have no way to help you. I hate that you once meant the world to me. I hate that I miss you dad.

I have to remind myself of this, whenever I think about some particular guys.

Every time I think about you I have to remind myself that if you wanted to talk to me you would. - people make time for things /people they want.

Do you know where you are going?

In life.make mistakes, have wonderful memories, but never second guess who you are, where you have been, and most importantly where it is you're going

Sometimes you have to be your own hero, because sometimes the people you can't live without, can live without you.

Be your own hero. The people I can't live without. can live without me? Sad :( Then, I can certainly live without them!

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my biggest mistake wasn't falling for you. it was thinking you had fallen for me too drake quotes

start proving yourself and stop playing with my heart.

you know that girl that always forgave you? that always loved you? pretty soon, she'll give up and find someone better

Zo waar!!!

I wonder how many times we forgive just because we don't want to lose someone. Even if they don't deserve forgiveness. When it's hard to forgive someone, just remember that God forgave you of all the dark sins you've committed!

awwwe , some people are just perfect together :)

i miss you. i miss you, too. i want one more night. i want to sleep next to you one more time. i want to feel your heartbea.

and knowing you damn well better not let who did this to you see you like this or HE will lose hope of y'all getting through this. "This" that he caused.

oh the times I went through this. I'm at a point were I'm hurt but not sad. I'm not sad anymore. I'm just empty. I feel nothing anymore. I only care about those who have never let me down. while haven't betrayed, hurt, or lied to Me.

Yeah the story of my life lately--tired of the lack of communication and effort and absolutely no sacrifices. Feel like I'm just around when convenient. Not doing it anymore.

"If someone really wanted you, they'd actually put some effort into trying to get your attention and make sacrifices for you. Actions speak louder than words.