White people...

Oh Lord. 😂😂😂😂 However, this guy obviously hasn't seen season 2 of supernatural where some black people make deals with the crossroads demon.

us when we make a joke around people who are not in the fandom and only the people in the fandom understand.

Misha's reflexes are hilarious. How they got anything done in the show is amazing. Lol

“We are very busy, very important people. [x]”<<< Is this footage of Dean coming out of the closet to Cas? << This is the reenactment of that cat GIF!

I may or may not have fell off my chair laughing.

Burst with excitement!

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Supernatural Humor / Castiel / Season 1 << literally me when I started

Jensen used to work a haunted house to scare people. Said it was fun cause with a mask no one would know it was him.

I'd jump on Sam's back as he ran by: let's be honest, if he can carry Dean, he can carry me to safety.<<if Sam and Dean are running from something, someone jumping on their backs would only result in a lot of stabbing<<<hehe i love the supernatural fandom

Some fun stuff for you :)

Everybody gets a meme