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When I was four, I thought I could speak to animals, so I would always sneak some into my room... But they always tried to turn away, so I'd end up letting them go and I'd just tell my sister, "They didn't want to be friends."

When I'm lazy I hold my hand out to see if I have the Force, then am sad when it doesn't work<<< me too. I'm disappointed every time. One where the Force exists.

teenager posts. ♡ true true Yeah like this certain guy I would never admit I was in love with.... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

♡ true true (Like Josh Hutcherson and sam Clafin and liam hemsworth !)<<<Well, Liam Hemsworth (TGH), Jamie Bower(TMI), Ian Somerhalder (TVD) etc

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So the next time you say it wouldnt kill you to do your homework ill say well yes it does! - exactly, I hate homework

All humans will be dead too

We would have to go outside and actually interact with real people. THE HORROR

{we keep this love in a photograph} xx

Duh, they never go to school in the show because it's SUMMER VACATION! ' there's 104 days of summer vacation and school comes around just to end it, so the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it.