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True HD Hindi Video Songs { Vol 16 } Bluray 1080p x264 DTS-HDMA...Hon3y - Video Songs Screenshot

True HD Hindi Video Songs { Vol 16 } Bluray - Video Songs Screenshot

ALLOW ME TO SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE. Besides doctor who. I'm not putting myself through that

This is so so so true haha. Even though I don't what Supernatural. I can relate to Merlin/Wholock>>>>> I've only watched Supernatural and I've just started watching Doctor Who

"It's so much easier to say you're antisocial... Or claim that you just don't like people... Or pretend that you just don't care anymore... Then to admit how lonely and damaged you truly feel."

It’s easier to say you’re antisocial… Ugh, this hurt my heart. Oh the feels! Sherlock Holmes, Loki, Dean Winchester and The Doctor SuperWhoLock and Avengers

"We mend each other." Mend each other, initiates.

so true, especially when you're in multiple fandoms.