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Shaggy Ink Cap Mushrooms (Coprinus comatus)

Shaggy Ink Cap Mushrooms (Coprinus comatus) The shaggy ink cap is easily recognizable from its almost cylindical cap which initially covers most of its stem. The cap is mostly white with shaggy.

Boletellus obscurecoccineus  mushroom  picture by Taylor Lockwood.   http://www.fungiphoto.com/

Boletellus obscurecoccineus mushroom picture by Taylor Lockwood…



Nick Cantle

Beautiful and safely edible Velvet Foot, Flammulina velutipes, mushrooms.

Orange pore fungi (Favolaschia Calocera)

rhamphotheca: Orange Pore Fungus (Favolaschia calocera) … is a species of fungus in the Mycenaceae family. First observed in Madagascar, it.

mushroomsandmosses: Porcelain mushroom (by Rupert Jayrod)

Porcelain mushroom (by Rupert Jayrod) Always carefully identify with a reference book any wild mushrooms you pick prior to eating! This is just a photo for enjoying the shape.

Я под впечатлением от публикации, где приводились великолепные фотографии экзотических гусениц, решила тоже сделать обзор необычной красоты. Представляю вам фотографии растений, про которые не всегда можно сказать, настоящие они или нет, и с нашей ли планеты. Возможно кому-то их необычная форма, фактура подскажет идеи для лепки, росписи или валяния.

**Fruiting bodies of the fungus Xylaria Polymorpha ~ (Dead man's fingers) ~ By Russ Boyd