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awesome Back To The Future – Past and Present

Childhood Photos Recreated Decades Later - by irina werning - Campbell Twins 1976 & 2011 London

I think this is so freaking funny! I may have already pinned it... but it's worth the laughs

Funny pictures about I'm going to exorcise the demons! Oh, and cool pics about I'm going to exorcise the demons! Also, I'm going to exorcise the demons!

Nico Mello, 1990 & 2010 (France)

Then And Now: 20 People Recreate Their Childhood Photos

Buenos Aires photographer Irina Werning in which adults recreate childhood photos. Via Ignant.

50 Shades of grey costume

50 Shades of Grey Costume. I haven't read this book, but seems a very funny single guy pickup costume.

I used to LOVE that game

Cool Couple Costume: “Guess Who” Wouldn't this be a great idea for a save the date? Add "Guess What" to the inside and a picture of the couple without their "disguises". "Guess when" and "Guess where" for the date and location. This could be so much fun!

DIY fairy god mothers bibbity, bobitty, boo Actually they are the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather. Sleeping Beauty not Cinderlla. Get your disney right


Funny Confession Ecard: I actually don't need to control my anger. Everyone around me needs to control their habit of pissing me off.

what a great way to teach a kid about shadows and how they change throughout the day

Alberta Grade 4 Science Topic D - Light and Shadows - shadows and how they change throughout the day.

The Late Movies: Bluegrass Covers | Mental Floss

Bluegrass Covers

The Late Movies: Bluegrass Covers

Awesome costume

Homemade Easy Mac Costume - an old laundry basket. basket covered with recycled cardboard. Painted to look like Easy Mac bowl -lots of recycled paper towel and toilet paper tubes - glued and painted cheesy yellowish-orange