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God i miss hannah montana! "Just admit it, i look scary smart."

God i miss hannah montana! "Just admit it, i look scary smart." the best show ever she WAS my role model now shes messed her life up for herself!

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My Hairdressing life

Think brunette means boring? Brunette are so versatile and brown hair looks perfect in an updo or worn long and loose. If you have brunette hair,

Miley Cyrus

The 2008 TIME 100

Dose anyone miss her? Ik I do. We all want better for the Stars that have strayed away from the path but we don't need to judge there every move like animals, it's there life and they deserve the right to live it even if it's on drugs or divorcing again.

Unpopular opinion hour: I miss the old her. She was so pretty and I really looked up to her and now she has turned in to you know. I wish she was not like this now.

Prayin for ya Miley You are such a pretty talented girl Dont waste your life by throwin it away for the wrong kind of fame Stay true to your morals & your good up bringing I know your Daddy has taught ya better than that!

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