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I'm a social butterfly... yay (*o*)/ socialover<3 how are you? -social butterfly (*0*)/ -evil (°7°)" -Coward (°^°)" -Loner (-w-) -hero ('7')/ -teacher pet ('v') -Osana<3&n...

I'm so sorry for don't submit art, I'm so busy "and please forgive my bad english uwu" Español Yandere Comic - solution

Yandere Comic - Oka and Tears by DancerQuartz.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Yandere Comic - Oka and Tears by DancerQuartz on DeviantArt

Rivals?Yandere?-1 by Koumi-senpai

by Koumi-senpai I love it, just shut up and LOVE it

I ship all of them except for the second last one

Um I ship yandere and senpia cuz I RATHER NOT HER"BAKA" all the time! And I ship budo x oka DONT JUGDE ! i think they're cute and I'm still on eh for the last one and midouri with the flame demon

Yandere Comic - Tornado Mode by DancerQuartz on DeviantArt

Even when yan-chan tears the fabric of the universe apart, rival-chan will remain.


Just me who should be praised.<<I praise you random stranger

Yandere Comic - Secret Santa by DancerQuartz on DeviantArt

I like Sakyu X Budo too uwu)r Yandere Comic - Secret Santa

No response(comic) by KOUMI04 on DeviantArt

No response(comic) by on DeviantArt: noooooo! You must be with budo!