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I'll Protect You... Yandere!Kankri x Female!Reader by Foxy-Sierra on DeviantArt

I’ll protect you… (Yandere!Kankri x Female!Reader) ---------------------------------------------------- Breathing heavily as you ran throug. I'll Protect You.Kankri x Female!

nepeta leijon - Google Search

nepeta leijon - Google Search

Fuck you Cronus

Cronus Latula and Mituna "Fuck you Cronus" Kuiper Kuiper Kuiper Mituna Captor

funny karkat | homestuck karkat vantas terezi pyrope karezi raypertoire •

Homestuck ~~ This is the most adorable Karezi thing ever.

Homestuck Reaction Gifs

Eridan, you are awesome!<<<< Eridan is my favourite and no one can tell me otherwise.

Tavros Nitram

Read Tavros from the story Homestuck Sexcanons by Fanfictato with reads. If you can quote pupa pan in a seductiv.

Yes. Yes, i can. #Karkat <3

Reach Out to Me: Homestuck x Reader Humanstuck/Sadstuck by DementedxACE ! Reach Out to Me: Homestuck x Reader