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Photographer Kerry Dean

Photographer Kerry Dean

Vietnamese movie Sword of the Assassin that won Vietnamese film award looks exactly like Korean movie Sword of the Moon (0:22)

PIE ON AFI. Movie lauded as great kung fu film and given special award by Jan Schuette Dean of American Film Institute is revealed as just a hilarious shot for shot duplication (even actors' every gestures every pauses are duplicated)

Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without A Cause is a 1955 drama directed by Nicholas Ray. The ground-breaking film stars James Dean, Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lee Lewis, shot by Philippe Halsman. Jumping photos never get old.

When You Jump, The Real Person Appears

David Bowie & Iggy Pop (montage based on the classic photography by Philippe Halsman for Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis,

Riff Cohen photographed by Dean Avisar

Riff Cohen photographed by Dean Avisar

A quirky photo of James Dean by Phil Stern.

'The lower half of his most famous portrait of James Dean is a black cable-knit jumper; the upper half reveals Dean’s face only from half-way up his ears. His eyes are rolled up, framed by straight eyebrows.

Werner Schreyer photographed by Philip Messmann for Cover Man

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