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XR22 VCO banana jack version

VCO eurorack module with amplitude modulation input and FSK (Frequency Shift Keying); optional with banana or jack sockets

Eurorack Module Quad LFO from Modcan

Modcan Quad LFO - Eurorack Module - Four independent LFOs with paging interface

Modules – Blinds | Mutable Instruments

Mutable Instruments Introduces New Blinds Eurorack Module

Eurorack Module modDemix from Make Noise

Make Noise modDemix - Eurorack Module - two direct-coupled balanced modulator circuits

Modcan FMVDO

Modcan Synthesizers produces a wide range of analogue synthesizer modules for the electronic musician and sound designer.

MATRIXSYNTH: New 4ms Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler (SISM) E...

New Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler (SISM) Eurorack Module