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Fox "News"

Very true. If the next President is a Republican just wait and see how much negative news they come up with. Fair and balanced?

I'm a peace loving person, but I really, really want to slap the shit out of him. Okay, I'm back in control now. Don't worry. But, I really do want him to "take a wrong step" fall in a hole and break something, like his mouth.  Biddy Craft

Mitt finally speaks the truth . how long before he flip flops on this one .

Too poor, smart, compassionate, etc..

Too poor, smart, compassionate, etc.

Guns, Weapons, Pistols, Revolvers

Iran wants war!

If ever a country needed to be bombed into the stone age it is certainly Iran, but then again I could say the same about the entire middle east minus Israel.

Impossible to make too much fun of this Bird Brain.

AKM Mitchell on

"Since Election Day, Louisiana Gov. And he continued speaking truth to the GOP last nig.