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《鬥陣特攻》英雄設定圖集曝光,欣賞暴雪的藝術! Gaming - 電子競技網

Hanzo from Overwatch. A close look at the model structure from all angles; a great reference for cosplay. Hanzo and Overwatch belongs to Blizzard Hanzo - Overwatch - Close look at model

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Bows and arrows are common in medieval themed games and are the equivalent of our modern day guns.


The spaceship acts as a home to Quin. As he was abducted at a young age, the closest thing he got to as a home was this spaceship.

Concept artist Ryan DeMita has posted some of the concept artwork he created for created for Destiny. Ryan has also worked on video game titles such as Guild Wars 2 and Halo Reach. Be sure to see more of his work featured in the art book, The Art of Destiny.

These weapons are from the game Destiny and what is interesting about them is the style. They look modern, but have some elements of sci-fi. This is the idea the game was going for; set after the golden age when there is nothing but ruin.