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Ever wondered which Anime boys are introverts? Check out these 11 Interesting Anime Boys Who Are Introverts….

✮ ANIME ART ✮ summer time. . .friends. . .taking a selfie. . .cellphone. . .water. . .ocean. . .lighthouse. . .sky. . .clouds. . .cute. . .ka

The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up.

When I was little, I've always wondered what a star feels like

Route 3 Anime is a style of animation developed in Japan and has become popular worldwide. From early century to producing anime art has evolved from traditional process to using computer software, which has improved the efficiency of… Continue Reading →


With her reprogrammed cell, courtesy of Charles, Josephine could now stay…

bucket clouds evening graphite_(medium) highres lamp manhole_cover mechanical_pencil mizuasagi no_humans original pencil plant potted_plant radiator scenery stairs traditional_media trash_can window windowsill

夢幻の空 / Artist: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=648285

clouds grass landscape nobody original scenic signed sky stars technoheart tree