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But the marker says the cave entrance IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME ... oh, at the very bottom of the mountain right next to the easily accessible path I was too impatient to look for...


"An Infomercial For How You Actually Play Skyrim" true story

Skyrim Last Resort / #skyrim #theelderscrolls

Humor: Skyrim Last Resort

sorry for the word but it was too funny not to post...i'll see if I can take it out

Guard Talk

Skyrim Guards uploaded in Skyrim Comics: Years of wearing tight leather helmets have taken their toll.

and then bandits show up at my house. like they don't know it's the dragonborn's. and then my horse kills them and i laugh.

video game logic skyrim muggers In my case its the chick who killed a dragon and ate its soul

I could have been an adventurer...

Damn Archers

Apparently arrow to the knee is engagement/marriage. 'I was an adventurer until I got hitched/got an arrow to the knee'

I may or may not have a problem...

Eat, Sleep, Slay Dragons

Skyrim Horse Glitch

Skyrim horse physics <--- I don't play skyrim but this is just too funny not to pin