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Done - did it years ago for a friend from school it was in memoy of them

we will definitely plant "our tree" as soon as we move into our new house, and watch it grow as our family grows!

Tumblrs day job, at night she goes to a art university to help with blogging pictures.

Become a Makeup Guru on YouTube


i teach surf camp in the summer. no one walks away saying they didnt have fun surfing

YES!!!  I have TRIED!  The last one I knew about, bc of the news, was October 2010 & I stayed up till 4AM, but it was cloudy & I couldn't see :(  -RP

did this in august, saw 5 of them and it was at the beach! it was amazing! so i would have to change this to watch a meteor shower with my husband!

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica...

Puerto Viejo, Puerto Rico I have never seen a water fall and this looks like a great place for a family picture.

Bucket list: Visit  Mayan ruins <3

Climb the Steps of the Mayan Ruins / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die .( you can't climb them anymore )