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Michael Kukla - laminated plywood sculpture that would make a great inspiration for a handbuilt clay work

Michael Kukla - laminated plywood, could you do something similar by piercing, laminating, then turning?

Jenni Ward ceramic sculpture | nest series

The nest series is about the balance between protecting and trapping. Each nest has an item that is exposed to the viewer through its outer shell but also shielded by its webbing.

Scrap Wood Project Ideas | daniel goers / Scrap Ecology

repurposed wood is utilized to create a viable indoor (tiny) planter and art piece in one.

Mary Button Durell, a San Francisco based artist, creates translucent and abstract sculptures using only a single material which is handmade by layering sheets of tracing paper and wheat paste. Her delicate and complex sculptures are reminiscent of cocoons, bee hives, and underwater organisms.

Mary Button Durell

Neat man-made organic shapes (tracing paper and wheat paste) via Mary Button Durell