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White Elephant Gift, Gift Exchange

Yes, a great scavenger hunt idea! I would add "a mom threading to beat her unruly kids!" and "a cart with 6 or more gallons of milk" oh and "police cars outside"  I see things like that every time I'm at Muskogee's! Lol! Where's the square for someone in their pjs? Lolololol!

Worth a trip to Walmart just to play - don't forget the flask. This game might actually get me into the walmart.

WalMart Bingo card

We will b Walmart bingo = hilarious

Wal-Mart BINGO thx Michelle

walmart BINGO, for kids or date night this!

pretty sure I could usually get a black out on this game in the first 10 minutes

Walmart bingo.

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White Elephant Gift, Gift Exchange

Must play next time you go to Walmart!

Funny pictures about A little game called Walmart Bingo. Oh, and cool pics about A little game called Walmart Bingo. Also, A little game called Walmart Bingo photos.

Wal-Mart BINGO | Little White Lion

It's time for Wal-Mart Bingo! go to walmart anywhere in the country and at 2 am you will have bingo for sure

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Twisted Humor, Off Color Humor

Cheap date night idea but with each of you having a camera to prove it.

Walmart Bingo

I'm gonna print me out some Walmart Bingo cards.

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Walmart bingo....it says NE Pennsylvania, but I'm pretty sure it applies to East TN also.....

Walmart bingo.

Wal*Mart Bingo - So funny!

Good idea for a date...haha college

Wal-Mart Bingo Good idea for a date.