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Dornier Do 335

Do 335 - Push & Pull -------------------------------------------- Tractor&Pusher Propeller Config on "Arrow" the fasted piston engine plane of

The Focke Wulf Ta 400 was a Long Range Reconnaissance Bomber Project powered by six 1700hp BMW801D engines and 2 Jumo 004 Turbojets several companies in France ,Italy and Germany were commisioned to design and build many main component parts ,plans of construcion were well advanced with many parts made when the end of the War halted the project . Max speed 453mph Range with full bomb load (22046lb) 8107mi / Altitude 40500ft

The America Bomber, 6 engines beast that should bring the American East Coast within reach. World War II: Allies and Axis Secret Weapons by elvia

HMS Warspite

HMS Warspite