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This is a guide about making t-shirt pillows. Favorite t-shirts often hold memories we would like to keep. So rather than throw them away, make pillows.

Making T-Shirt Pillows

I should probably just start making tshirt covers for pillows instead of that quilt I was considering.

Herinnerings kussen met stof van kleding van de overledene

Memory Pillow - threads and snippets: memory pillow project made from the clothes of a lost loved one


Memory Tshirt Button up shirt Pillow with by BlessedMemoryQuilts

Memory Shirt Pillow w Collar Poem-Patch by ElkCountryLDhaseleer (Diy Pillows Shirt)

Memory Quilt Pillows from Shirts with Shirt Poem by AWordFitlySpoken

Memory Quilt Pillows from Shirts with Shirt Poem "This is a shirt I used to wear ." Customized for Your Loved Ones Remembrance