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Use Pads Instead of Tampons

How to Make Your Period 📍 End Faster for Girls Who Don't Have Time ⏰ to Have It ...

This funny quote from Haley on America Dad tho! Every month for 7 days you get to cry over how cute puppies are while you eat your feelings away on your period.

Do what you can.

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"K I'll start studying at this time. oh wait missed it by a minute, wait another hour"

17 Reasons We Should Aspire To Be Roger From "American Dad!"

He's a foodie.

19 Ways Roger From "American Dad" Understands Your Relationship With Food

American Dad Roger, portrait of a life by webmartin99 on DeviantArt

Roger From American Dad- Dressed as one of his many Alias's, "laura Van-Der-Booben" Poor Laura was reportedly Sexually harassed later.By roger.

Omg lolololol

These 19 Companies Failed So Hard At Naming Their Food, lost in translation !