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Free Sewing Ideas - Toddler Training Patns

DIY Leg Warmers from Too-Small Tights (Plus Toddler Training Pants and 18 Inch Doll Undies)

Lovely Undies FREE Pattern and a Detailed tutorial

Lovely Undies FREE Pattern and a Detailed tutorial. Great for training pants for toddlers.

Do-it-yourself EC: Waterproof training pants with free pattern

Here are instructions to make waterproof training pants. These are "low bikini cut" style and trim fitting. The pattern fits my 9 mont.

Simple Diaper-Sewing Tutorials: Pull-Up Trainers

I never used trainers with my kids, but I have had some requests for them over the years I am working on my own pattern currently that has.

Learn how to make your own potty training pants for toddlers with our free sewing tutorial with step by step photo instructions.

Sew Your Own Potty Training Pants

"Sew your own easy potty training pants with absorptive towelling and waterproof PUL central strip. Full step by step photo instructions provided in the link.

Rita's Rump Pattern is a one-size fits most flannel fitted pocket pattern.  It fits tiny babies to large toddlers, is very trim, reversible, and a simple, fast, diaper to make.  Oh, and it's FREE!

reversible one-size fits most (baby/toddler) flannel fitted pocket pattern

I'm thinking flannel sheets from the thrift store.  Maybe custom pocket liners with old towels?  I think I'd still like snaps rather than dealing with pins. Rita's Rump Pocket diaper pattern - free! There's quite a bit here. Even toddler training pants. Diaper cover pattern. LOTS!

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I had some time to figure out how to scan my pattern pieces and make it accessible for you all. Remember, this is a 2T and you'll have to adjust if you need bigger or smaller. Make sure to print

Training Pants Free Pattern (Work Pray Sew)

The time has come. Elena is 2 years and 4 months -a good time to potty train. We have a relatively slow month before things get .