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I'm Soooooooooo old but still mighty!

peace-be-dreams: “ mystonerlife: “ Beautiful smiling tree spirit. ” ITS SMILING ahhhhhhh ”

Who says heroes have to be human? U.S. trees save more than 850 lives a year | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Who says heroes have to be human? U.S. trees save more than 850 lives a year

A new study reveals eye-opening statistics about the health benefits of our arboreal cohabitants.

Is that a sailor's knot...made by the trees ?? lol

Amazing Tree Trunks - Online art and photography contest. This is not another best tree or trees or forest or mountain contest, this is for amazing tree trunks! Something either nature put into the .




Lago de Camécuaro (Camécuaro Lake) in Zamora de Hidalgo, Michoacán, Mexico.

Angel Oak in Angel Oak Park,  John's Island, South Carolina

The beautiful ancient Angel Oak Tree in Angel Oak Park, on Johns Island, Southern Carolina. this Oak tree is well over 1800 yrs old. Travel and Photography from around the world.

Lovers' Trees in Alishan, Taiwan... Breathtakingly beautiful!

Old Growth Forest, Hoh Rain Forest, Washington. ~Tree Lovers Holding Hands and Forming a Heart~

Tree fort......that is amazing!! I could let a vine plant grow on the bottom half all around

Behold the ultimate tree house! What: The Patient Gardener project using ten Japanese cherry trees Where: School campus in Milan, Italy Who: Designed by Swedish architects Visiondivision Why: A two-story treehouse study retreat for students. The vision: a