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Swallowtail, Zebra  Eurytides marcellus

Swallowtail, Zebra Eurytides marcellus

Pale Green Awlet (Burara gomata, Coeliadinae, Hesperiidae) by Ichydogimages on…

Pale Green Awlet (Burara gomata Coeliadinae, Hesperiidae) Coeliadinae is a subfamily of the skipper butterfly family (Hesperiidae) and includes the awls & awlets. by John Horstman {Pu'er, Yunnan, China}

bizarre  Don't you love the little tongue?

Choppa - Mamsects and Insmals - Fantasy Mammals and Insects:):):).made from a combination of antelope, loris, lion, zebra and fly!

Scarab, ahhh dung beetle how you make me giggle...  Pure beauty too!

Goliathus regius Insect Museum -- by listentoreason (Charles Tilford)

Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World [Amazing Colors & Shapes]

Top 14 Most Beautiful Butterflies in the World [Amazing Colors & Shapes]

The Malaysian LacewingThere are a lot of unique animals in Southeast Asia. One of these animals is the Malaysian Lacewing butterfly. The lacewing butterfly is found in Malaysia and Singapore

Leaf Roller Moth. Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spatterd/6033563275/

Leaf Roller Moth - a wildcat and zebra print all on one pallet! I have a scrapbooking papers that would look amazing alongside this moth.

˚Zebra Longwing Catepillar by Richard Crook @ flickr

<O> zebra longwing caterpillar (photo Richard Crook)

Baeotus (Megistanis) deucalion - Underside

Underside, Brush-Footed Butterfly from Evolution NYC. I love the pattern, I want it made into fabric so I can make a dress out of it!