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Mongoose watching, guess what is coming? by Christophe Pfeilstücker on 500px

Mongoose watching, guess what is coming? by Christophe Pfeilstücker on

weasel, wild, small, fluffy, wool  [previous pinner's caption, very slightly modified]

The polecat used to be called a 'foul mart' because of its strong smell. The name polecat is said to be from the French poule chat,'the chicken cat'.

How do beavers sequester carbon in ponds and meadows created by their dams? Fascinating read!

No it's not a slang word for vagina, it's Canada's national animal. Bottom line: beavers are a noble and majestic rodent. Yes, I just called a beaver majestic. They are resourceful, cute and damn smart. Respect the beaver people.

Visón europeo

European mink (Mustela lutreola) are now critically endangered, and they will be extinct soon, if no signatures on petition)

numbers of the Tasmanian Devil have been reduced by 80% since 1996.  because of limited genetic diversity on the island, they have developed a type of cancer that is rapidly leading the species towards extinction. (Jurgen & Christine Sohns / FLPA / Minden Pictures)

The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is a carnivorous marsupial, now found…

Greater Grison (Galictis vittata) is a species of mustelid (weasels and allies) found in Central and South America

The Grison (Galictis vittata) is an animal belonging to the Mustelidae family and is found in Central and South America. This elusive member of the weasel family is sometimes seen at Rancho Naturalista

Montana proposes for first pine marten transplant in 50 years

Pine marten ~ East Glacier Park ~ It is an animal native to Northern Europe belonging to the mustelid family, which also includes mink, otter, badger, wolverine and weasel. It is about the size of a domestic cat.