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Beautiful Parker Vacumatic

Beautiful Parker Vacumatic

Purple and gold fountain pens, paper, and ink! What a gorgeous combination. Want all of this. Pin for later!

Thursday Things: Lilac and Gold

Bullet Journaling: Top 10 Fountain Pens and Ink. Wondering which fountain pens work best with your Leuchtturm Notebook? Click here for our top recommendations!

Bullet Journaling: Top 10 Fountain Pens and Ink!

Keeping up with the proper fountain pen maintenance is a very important, yet often overlooked aspect to getting the most enjoyment from your pens! We recommend cleaning your pens when you get them new, as well as when you change ink colors.

FP101- Pen Cleaning and Maintenance

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Today is National Handwriting Day — a day that celebrates putting pen to paper and recognizes that even in this digital age, there is still...

12 Reasons Why You Should Write with a Fountain Pen

Not too keen on the hipster thing, but this list is otherwise pretty sound. There's nothing quite like writing longhand with a fountain pen.

Want a fountain pen that will last you a lifetime? We put our top 7 suggestions in this informative blog!

Top 7 Fountain Pens to Last a Lifetime

The magic of water and pen

The magic of writing on water with a fountain pen

'writing on water' neat idea to get creativity flowing (all puns intended LOL) - drip water, use pen to add color/embellish - watch the video! (Leigh Reyes) Water and ink