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This is one of the main reasons why i love fursuiting

I probably wouldn't fursuit myself, but I have a great respect and love for those that do. (My main reason for it is lack of money, resources, and overall opportunity.

at the beach! Found this nice girl there ^-^ #sunny #summer…

Keenora Fluffball on

This picture came from a story where a group of fursuiters visited a hospital and comforted sick children, mainly this one right here. This child had cancer and wasn't doing too well with it if I can recall correctly. This is why I love this fandom despite the issues and rumors surrounding it, because there are so many creative and overall good people, many of whom that do things like this.

I've seen many stories about the furry community taking part in charity and other things. It's sad that the fandom still has a bad reputation.

Heartwarming. Not all of us are bad people, in fact most of the community is kind, creative, and accepting, but remember no, we aren't perfect, either. I know some furs are sort of cringeworthy, but really it's all in good fun. Making yourself happy is more important than pleasing anyone else, so just ignore people like that.

Check this out

So true, I ain't no furry, but this is heartwarming. I can truly see why people don't like furries, because of the pornographic stuff, but really they're just havin fun.