Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

Whether you like bohemian goddess locs or light and easy yarn locs, our favorite short faux locs looks offer up chic, light and manageable protective styles.

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Goddess locs are one of the most popular protective hairstyles out today, loved for their versatility and natural appearance. Here are 40 goddess locs styles.

The Long Hairstyles for Black Women 2

Long hairstyles for black women shows maturity, trust, and reliability. With gray hairs, you should look mature and ready to take challenges and solve problems.

Hairstyles for black women

17 Hot Summer Hairstyle For Women With Afro Hair


Put hair into desired width squares. Use ControlForce or AirControl dry spray as desired. Back comb the sections individually. Roll/twist the hair between your palms. (Tight twists for long lasting 'permanent') (Loose twists for temporary)