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The Angel Succouring Hagar, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1696-1770)

Agar e Ismael en el desierto, pintado por el pintor Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, en Se conserva en la Scuola di San Rocco de Venecia, Italia.

yeah that's what my momma said before I almost died on one of the roller coasters

Ride a roller coaster they said - Funny kid on a roller coaster with hair standing up making a terrified face: "Ride a roller coaster they said - it will be fun they said"

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“Seated Victoria, Throwing a Wreath”, Christian Daniel Rauch, Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin (c


Limbourg brothers, Hell Les Tres Riches Heures - a prayer book of the Duc de Berry, 1416. Mouth of Hell, c. 1150. From Winchester Psalter manuscript. Winchester, England. Lucifer devouring Judas Iscariot, Brutus and Cassio. Giovanni Canavesio, Jugement Dernier - Damnés (Last…

Hans Memling,Last Judgment Triptych (open) (detail) Oil on wood, (each wing) Muzeum Narodowe,Gdansk.

∙✧☾Pinterest: @giudf1☽✧∙ grunge, green, and tumblr image

∙✧☾Pinterest: @giudf1☽✧∙ grunge, green, and tumblr image

Михаил Александрович Зичи Иллюстрация к поэме М.Ю. Лермонтова "Демон" 1880

English : Romantic Encounter, 1864 Painting by Mihaly Zichy Hungarian, 1827 - 1906