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Theo Jansen - Kinetic Sculptures using the wind to move. Art that is not only done outdoors but that has to be outdoors in order to perform their function.

Really want to ride one.  Not sure if feasible or physically possible.  Doesn't shake my desire, at all.

Theo Jansen

Is it a sail boat? Is it a Beast? Is it a skeleton? OMG it is the Strandbeest - Awesome fusion of art and engineering! Kinetic sculptures that appear to walk.

Little Shining Man” is a kite, which features 1700 3d printed connectors, carbon fibre rods and cubenfibre aerospace fabric. Designed by Ivan Morison and Heather Peak, in collaboration with Sash Reading and Queen and Crawford.

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turecepcja: “ Inspired by the tetra kites of Alexander Graham Bell, Little Shining Man is kite-like sculpture that is intended to fly. The work of Heather and Ivan Morison, the piece was commissioned.

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Sculpture Strandbeest (Beachanimal) by Theo Jansen. Created out of pvc pipes and tie wraps, propelled by the wind. Found skuttling along the Dutch beach it looks like a living creature!

Crazy kinetic sculpture by Theo Jansen - check this thing out in motion!

Theo Jansen's Strandbeest: Wind Powered Kinetic Sculptures

Theo Jansen's Strandbeest: Wind Powered Kinetic Sculptures

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Une sculpture vivante poussée par le vent

Une sculpture vivante poussée par le vent

Theo Janssen, Kinetic Art, Le Sol, Empty Bottles, Workshop

Strandbeest, via Flickr

A close up of the Animaris Adulari (Photo: Theo Jansen)