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Ordinskaya or the Orda Cave is the longest underwater cave in Russia. Accoridng to the Orda Cave Awareness Project it is the first and only underwater gypsum excursion cave in the world.

Banco de peces en Cabo Pulmo México

Photographer and marine biologist Octavio Aburto snapped the images of the "fish tornado". Images of an underwater fish "tornado" were captured at Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico.

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The Edge Of A Dream © Jacques de Vos. Breathtaking - it's like an underwater forest

Orda Cave is the most extended underwater cave in Russia, the second in Eurasia, with regards to length, and the world’s greatest underwater gypsum cave. To know more about our Orda Cave Awareness Project click here.....

The Orda Cave Awareness Project charted and explored the largest underwater gypsum cave system in Russia WWW.COM

Abissi segreti dei Maya

Cenote Near Tulum, Mexico Photograph by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic A diver explores a cenote near the Maya ruins of Tulum in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. Ancient Maya believed that cenotes and.

don't do drugs, go scuba diving instead. MUCH healthier, and still the best out of this world experience you can get.

Even though scuba diving is on my bucket list of things to do. Diving in caves isn't. Something about being under water in close quarters and feeling confined, I just couldn't do it.

Padi photo contest winner!

The finalists have been announced for Scuba Diving Magazine's 2013 Underwater Photography Contest! From sharks to coral to whales to turtles, here are the best-of-the-best of our reader submissions.

Big powder snowboarding in the back country. #thepursuitofprogression #Lufelive #Snowboarding #Snowboard Pic via: Midwinter Dream

Big powder snowboarding in the back country. Pic via: Midwinter Dream

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image discovered by Adventure.

Lanai's Second Cathedral dive site is the result of molten rock exploding in the ocean

Lanai& Second Cathedral dive site is the result of molten rock exploding in the ocean

scuba diving at Easter Island - I've never seen one of these underwater before.  @Shereice Harker Island

Spectacular Dive Sites You Have to See to Believe scuba diving at Easter Island - Ive never seen one of these underwater before. Shereice Rahman Rahman Harker Island how did this statue get underwater

Cave diving in Devil's Eye Spring, northern Florida.

Cave Diving ~It's been said, Don't wait for your ship to come in - swim out to it. In northern Florida, this underwater cave can be reached by free diving. The diver in the photo is swimming about 20 feet into the opening of Devil’s Eye Spring.

Scuba diving between tectonic plates

Tectonic Plate Gap Between Europe & America.The gap is widening by one inch a year. The area - near Iceland - is riddled with faults, valleys, volcanoes and hot springs, caused by the plates pulling apart.

The Diepolder Cave in Florida, USA  Follow the pic for more awesome pics

Cave diving,only those who are properly trained and properly equipped should ever enter a cave system underwater. If you are an Open Water Diver, equipped for that sport, you have no business in a cave.