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Nazi Propaganda Poster - World War II - Military Pictures - Air ...

Nazi Propaganda Poster - World War II - Military Pictures - Air .

Gaufest of the NSRL (DRL) sports organization August 8-16/20-1939. Used with event SS

Gaufest of the NSRL (DRL) sports organization August Used with event SS

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While Fraktur went on to be used by all those with Germanic pride, regardless of political standing, it became the ‘Nazi’ type style, perhaps because of the strong ties it had with German culture as well as the national pride that the party publicly and strictly based its ideals on.

German propaganda poster from I’d guess. The text reads: "The Red War. Folk song or jazz? National Socialism or Bolshevism?

Mit unsern Fahnen ist der Sieg

" The caption of this 1940 German propaganda poster translates: “Victory is with our Flags!” copies were distributed.

Liga de Muchachas Alemanas en las juventudes hitlerianas. Poster alemán de 1936

The League Of German Girls Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

German poster for the Bund Deutscher Mädel. (The League of German Girls or…

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World War II - Dogfights, Bombers and Warbirds added 244 new photos to the album: Der Adler

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Der Deutschen Kriegsmarine

WWII Nazi/German recruitment/patriotic poster for the Kriegsmarine (German Navy)

.Sangre y Tierra. propaganda Poster

Nazi propaganda poster for the "Blut und Boden" campaign, 1937