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和洋折衷 “Wayousechu” Blending Japan and The West | The Bandanna Almanac

和洋折衷 “Wayousechu” Blending Japan and The West

autour du monde Japon  moeuers usages 1895-1900  (4)

Photographer/studio: unknown Source: extracted from a French book of photochromes from around the world, Japan section. Date: unknown, circa 1900

Baby Sitters in Old Japan by Okinawa Soba

Look at the customs surrounding babywearing in the Okinawan village of Taira in Also touches on breastfeeding and infant pottying.

1890's. Woman Delivering Charcoal. A very cheerful woman, with one of her breasts exposed, is carrying three huge packs of charcoal on what appears to be a country road. During the summer, women in the countryside often had much of their body exposed when they worked. Many men wore only a loincloth. Even in the city. This was especially the case for laborers and poor farmers.

Cheerful Japanese woman, with one breast exposed, carrying enormous loads of material for charcoal on country road.

Group portrait of an elegant Japanese woman in a kago (palanquin) carried by two bearers. The bearers have traditional hairstyles and clothing and are holding ikizue (breath sticks) to regulate their breathing while walking. They are wearing straw sandals. A paper umbrella is placed on the roof, the common place to put the luggage of passengers.

Group portrait of an elegant Japanese woman in a kago (palanquin) carried by two bearers.

In Japan, the color red has varied meanings, depending on its shade. On the country’s flag, a bold, red circle depicts the vivacity of the sun; on clothi...

Japanese Samurai And Courtesans Brought To Life In Vivid Color

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