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Image result for big little meme

Image result for big little meme

I never use the library at school but this is what I imagine its like

Finals? You should probably take a study break… (25 photos)

Funny pictures about Every College During Finals. Oh, and cool pics about Every College During Finals. Also, Every College During Finals photos.

How to Write a Good Resume by Clarks Condensed

How to Write a Good Resume

A resume is often the first thing a company sees when hiring. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about resume writing.

Using Social Media to Land Your Dream Job | Levo League | Career Advice

How to Use Your Social Media Skills to Land a Dream Job

Using Social Media to Land Your Dream Job: Tips from the beginning networking stage to the final stages of interview!

College 101 Photo Booth @ Texarkana College!

College 101 Photo Booth @ Texarkana College!

Boy oh boy…. I’m going to attempt to get all of my study tips from the past and present into this post. I’ve been getting emails/tweets/questions asking for my secrets. Before starting… there are a few “ground rules” I will lay out. I don’t have tips on how to be more motivated.  For me, there’s a...

Intense Study Tips! All college students could benefit from some great intense study tips. Any information on studying can be useful for us because we have to do lots of it. We can receive information on study tips from links such as this one.

What Every College Freshman Needs: A Care Package Gift Certificate!: Unique Graduation Gift: A Care Package Gift Certificate

How to Send the Perfect College Care Package

A fun graduation gift, it is easy to create a gift certificate that allows the new college student to request a custom care package whenever they want.

Includes: Mini Fan, Air Freshener, laundry bag, soap, kleenex, shout wipes, student deicion dice, deodorant, cotton swabs, bandaids, mini net sponge

Grad gift: Make a dorm room survival kit: shower caddy (something to put all your goodies inside of) shower shoes ramen noodles soup ear plugs hot chocolate air freshener travel size sewing kit hand-held book light small fan shoe organizer for closet

We make traveling abroad accessible. Check out Texarkana College's Road Scholars!

Travel the world with Texarkana College’s Road Scholars program and bring your educational experience to life by seeing the world firsthand.