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Science humor is the best. & I hate science, but man they're funny. :)

Title: Chemistry CATastrophy This photo relates to the gas law topic we studied this year. It shows a pun about the ideal gas law and pressure. This relates to the ideal gas law because the law often deals with high pressures.

You think I'm kitten you?? Ok, let's see what happens when I get tangled in this cord, and then run across the room, chasing nothing!!!

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Add a box to a cat's bed...

If you have cat, you will surely love these Funniest & hilarious Cat memes that will make sense to you .

How i feel when i don't want to get out of bed :-D

I Can't get out of bed funny memes animals cats dog meme lol kitten funny quotes cute. humor funny animals - my reason for not jumping out of bed

16 Cats That Look Like They’ve Seen a Ghost!

16 Cats That Look Like They've Seen a Ghost!

These kitties have definitely had a fright. Could it be that they've seen a ghost?