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Photograph Untitled by Tatiana Quetzal on 500px

Dicas para ter um quarto de princesa (Bedroom Princess) (Crazy and Kawaii Desu)

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Carri Angel and Angela Harper are the photographers behind Lunaeque Photography. Image found on their website gallery under "Inklings". This particular picture was shot by Carri Angel.

Briar Rose ~ Sleeping Beauty in the Brothers Grimm  Briar Rose is the Brothers Grimm version of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. According to the legend, when the princess of a kingdom was born, her father invited many wise women to to bless her. However, he only had twelve golden plates, and had to exclude one of the sages...

Celestial Journey - Fantasy World of Josephine Wall - Sleeping Beauty - Josephine Wall Fantasy Art Wallpaper 29

Cinderella-for keeping her chin up and continuing to dream despite yrs of abuse.

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella by Annie Leibovitz, Disney Dream Portrait Series. "Where Every Cinderella Story Comes True"