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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Character Creation Outline

Anyone know the author of this?

Dungeons & Dragons Edition Character Creation Outline- I've yet to play fifth edition and only can assume this is accurate.

I know this is for DnD but I'm kind of going to use it as a character/costume design base, so that I know the different pieces of the armor/outfit that I need.

dnd sheet equipped items good for people (like me) who sometimes forgets what he has

Dragon Lord Costume

Dragon Lord Costume

InCharacter Costumes Dragon Lord Costume: Chainmail tunic, vinyl chest armor with dragon scale details, vinyl full helmet, layered faux leather belt overlay, arm guards and shin guards with studded accents toy weapon not included

Final DM Screen/Player Cheat Sheet - Color - Imgur

Final DM Screen/Player Cheat Sheet - Color

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