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Love this idea but on just one leg. I would want a different kind of bow and different color.

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I'm actually loving the idea of these, not a fan of the seam line some people get down the leg but I really like the bows. black and white bow tattoos on back of legs

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75 Trendy Bow Tattoo Designs

29 Unique Bow Tattoo Designs: Blue Bow Tattoo Design For Girl On Thigh ~ Cvcaz Tattoo Art Ideas ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

Billedresultat for chanel no 5 tattoo

Billedresultat for chanel no 5 tattoo

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bows tattoo these are my second and third tats, two bows i got on the back of my thighs. Done by all star ink, limerick ireland Rate of pictures of tattoos, submit your own tattoo picture or ju

Oltre 1000 idee su Tatuaggio Tolkien su Pinterest | Tatuaggi Di Anello ...

Oltre 1000 idee su Tatuaggio Tolkien su Pinterest | Tatuaggi Di Anello ...

We’re all so used to crazy Photoshopped distortions and manipulations that we might not pay an image like this much attention. Except that this isn’t a photo manipulation – it’s body art! Welcome to the bizarre world of Japanese artist Hikaru Cho, who uses acrylics to paint incredibly weird and lifelike pictures onto her human canvases. Life like 3D laces painted onto foot by artist Hikaru Cho

It is hard to believe, but the author of these unusual patterns of body art is a nineteen-year student from Japan, known as Chooo-San. Her work is amazing simplicity, unexpected ideas, and detailed execution. Intimidating Body Art Of Chooo-San Photos)

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Stocking tattoos-- I like this idea, but I think it& be neat to stop it right beneath the knee and at the bottom have an anchor. Something to show the dichotomy between staying grounded and dreaming.

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The detail on this black ink elephant is amazing. Would love a tat with this element of design! I wanna get this on my calf for my grandma, cause she's the matriarch of the family