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It is done...

Shitty taste in my mouth // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Yuppppp... "I think I'll clean my gun the night he comes over.." haha

True Story

Difference between boys and girls funny boys girls boyfriend girlfriend meme lol dad funny quote funny quotes comedy humor humor quotes funny pictures lmao funny stuff. That's soooo true for us girls

I bet this has happened to us all.. :D

One time I was doing that and I accidentally swallowed a whole freaking ice cube and didn't choke I was very surprised I mean I choked on air once

What happens when I quickly eat a chocolate chip cookie

Oh Crap / OMG Rage Face

xD wow

When I was little, I used to hold my hand in the air so a bird would land on it like sleeping beauty. never happened.

Lol so true. No duh, im buying them! Lol

“You Don’t Say?” is a rage comic face based on a contour drawing of Nicolas Cage that is that is used as a sarcastic response to an obvious observation or statement, in similar vein to “O RLY” image macros.

Lol….We all know that feeling  #Funny #Pictures

"When you're really sleepy." this is one of the funniest cats I have ever seen!