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Last Friday Night - Page 2 by swiftwingOC95 on DeviantArt

oh wow this took me like the whole night but I wanted to finish it so badly so you guys don't have to wait any longer guess it end up very well I kinda . Last Friday Night - Page 2

Voy a incendiar algo que amas. *chasquido* ¿D-De verdad? NaLu Natsu Lucy Fairy Tail

Just a nalu meme by Giupear on DeviantArt >>i can her lucy saying 'of course you idiot'. I can hear her

NaLu > Fireflies (2)

NaLu's Story "Fireflies" 'These rooms, their very stage where they’d unfold These walls, they whisper secrets and memories thereof But this door no longer leads us to that love'

I ship Nalu, but I think Gray wouldn't say that. In the end, it says on the relationship page of Gruvia in the Wiki, that in the end Gray feels the same way with Juvia. He even confesses his feelings in the manga. Which was a liking and loving her way type of feeling.

GrayLu, LoLu or NaLu? Of course Nalu! by AyuMichi-me on DeviantArt (Nalu forever)


Sorry for the wait everyone! I've been very busy in my summer class. Hope you still continue to support my doujinshi. And I hope y. Just a dream- page 11