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Engage cuteness. Warp factor 9. This Star Trek TNG A-line Dress is the perfect Trek-wear for women of the Enterprise.  This dress comes in three colors, one for each department, with a printed comm badge and pips. Now you can represen

Star Trek TNG A-line Dress

A nice change of pace from the standard Starfleet issue. This uniform is made for warmer climates and more relaxed atmospheres (social, that is, and not planetary).

not sure if I should laugh or groan.... :-)

Star Trek foretold it. Captain Picard uses Android. He even had an unlimited Data plan.


Artist Jorsh Pena's "Original Enterprise" pays homage to the classic "Star Trek" TV series that started it all. The art deco poster design of yesteryear looks fantastic.

Star Trek 1st and 3rd generation...right?

Star Trek then and now. Yes, Chris Pine nails it. I enjoy that they used a picture of Karl Urban from Doom.