The Moon by Lamevamaleta, via Flickr

Il·lustracions a la llum de la lluna / Ilustraciones a la luz de la luna / Illustrations in the light of the moon

dibujo    Aww...reminds me of my insane doodle days where I did nothing but cross hatching.  What happened to that, I wonder?

A print of one of my pen and ink drawings. Comes as a high quality print on matte paper Signed and packaged in an acid free sealed sleeve. Reach for the stars.

Whoohoooooo, Guess what?  Everything, absolutely everything you've ever wanted, now lies within reach!  Of course... you still have to reach.   Tallyho,       The Universe

Could we ever reach the Moon? Lets Try! is a print from an original Knit Capt Girl Series paintings on wood.

This might be far more suitable for Miranda. And the men, as well. I also kind of love the hanging star design..

Mobile with hanging stars tattoo inspiration Society 6 is a website that features affordable art prints and delivers them in all kinds of formats - from stretched canvas to coffee mugs.

The Moon, La Lune

The Moon. By Shannon Stamey “The Moon and June” 2007 oil and charcoal on paper.