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Paper cuts were just the beginning.

Books are Murder by odysseyroc

I have the urge to post some BS on Pinterest like "rubbing you legs in left over bacon grease will remove hair!" and see if people will actually re-pin it.

Oh My Freaking Stars!Yep 'cause I have a question. OK, I am out of bacon grease, will chicken fat do?

Red Pegs | Shirt.Woot! | Love me some Battleship.

Red Pegs Pullover Hoodie by kevlar51 and walmazan

"Red Pegs" by and Walmazan Fight smarter with red pegs. Only cowards you white pegs!

Touching. Laughed hard, and wept hard through the book, AND the movie.

The Help (Kathryn Stockett) somewhat different from the movie, really really amazing book

This looks like it would be fun!

Princess Bride Monopoly Set

The Princess Bride Monopoly! This is amazing! Where do I buy one? I might actually want to play Monopoly if I had this.

LEGO winter village post office, $70 - I'm thinking this is a christmas village our whole family would be into. I love it! I could see it being a family activity to build the buildings each year. :)

Lego Winter Village Post Office Released set in the series. Includes a lightbrick.

Apartment 4A Tee from Shirt.Woot.com -- The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper, The Roommate Schedule

Apartment 4A by fishbiscuit5

Apartment 4A Tee from Shirt.Woot.com -- The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper, The Roommate Schedule

Woot!: Cool Story Poe

We’re too caught up in the frenzied celebration of our birthday to write about today& product. Check out this refurbi- uh, classic write-up.

Captain Kirk, up to his chest in tribbles in The Trouble with Tribbles--Just before the Klingon departure, all tribbles that were on the Enterprise are somehow beamed onto the Klingon ship by Chief Engineer Scott as a retaliation for the troubles the Klingons have caused, where, in his words, "they'll be no tribble at all."

Star Trek - "The Trouble with Tribbles." In honor of my Mom, who absolutely ADORED Star Trek. I actually bought her a Tribble that when squeezed made their little sorta purring sound effect. She kept it on her desk at work for years.

#ldsconf - President Monson - Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient will remember them for a lifetime. FREE 5x7 PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD #mycomputerismycanvas

My motto in business and in life: Always over deliver, but never overwhelm. This sign is a great reminder to always give a little more than you promise

So brilliant.

I've decided to add "extensive experience in dealing with stupid people" to my resume. That HAS GOT to be a marketable skill.